Stuff about Writing, Fighting and Other Stuff

9 Apr

     If you’ve found your way here to Writing, Fighting and Other Stuff, you probably saw the site mentioned in Black Belt Magazine and are looking for information about martial arts or you came across an online mention on a book website and have a passion for some type of literature. Or you just couldn’t find anything to watch on TV. Whatever the reason, hopefully you’ll find something of interest here.
     For the martial artists out there, the site will contain a mixture of sports-related news (MMA, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, etc) self-defense information, looks at unique styles and martial artists, and some in depth scientific analysis on martial arts techniques. The latter will largely draw upon my book, The Principles of Unarmed Combat, of which said, “If ever there was a comprehensive look at just about every scenario possible in hand-to-hand combat, whether it’s attack or defense, it’s covered here.” (Who am I to argue with I’ll also be posting my own commentaries on various topics of interest in the martial arts world and perhaps some interviews with popular figures in the arts.
     For the more literarily inclined, I’ll be featuring some reviews and opinions on writing and a number of books from classics to modern genre fiction, often as they relate to one of my areas of expertise, namely martial arts, journalism, Asian culture, sports, poker, philosophy and necrophilia (I just tossed that last one in to see if you were paying attention). And, of course, there will be information on and excerpts from my current novel, Pascal’s Wager, and upcoming works like the soon to be released novel, A Bittersweet Science, as well as some other essays, short fiction and whatever else happens to fall out of my computer.
     What I won’t be doing is offering commentary or uninformed opinions on areas that I don’t have a fair amount of expertise and experience in. Nothing is more pernicious than the modern, web-induced belief that everyone has something important to say on every topic. So, as a general rule, you will find no blogging about the state of society, politics, the economy or what I fed my dog this morning (though it is possible I may eventually start publishing my manifesto for world-domination here). Anyway, take a look around, read, enjoy and stop back occasionally to see what’s new. (One other note: though this is the first post for the website, all posts listed below are in reverse chronological order with the newest posts appearing first so if you want to start with the older posts, please scroll to the bottom of the screen)



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