A Few Random Thoughts on the Olympics

6 Aug

A 16 year old girl made history as the first woman to ever compete for Saudi Arabia when she entered the London games’ judo competition. While it was nice to see Saudi Arabia come into – if not the 21st century then at least – the 20th century, she had apparently never before competed in any sort of judo competition and only had two years of training. She lost her first match in 82 seconds. Good to see Olympic judo maintaining their high qualifying standards. Also good to see she had the support of her open minded countrymen, some of whom referred to her online as “the Olympic prostitute.” I love how the Olympics brings people together.

Watching Paul McCartney at the opening ceremonies made me believe euthanasia for the elderly might not be that bad an idea.

Last year the (Amateur) International Boxing Association was accused of accepting a ten million dollar bribe from Azerbaijan in return for making sure that country won a couple of gold medals. The AIBA investigated itself and concluded it hadn’t done anything wrong, which is kind of like when O.J. Simpson went on his hunt to find the real killer of his ex-wife. An Azerbaijani boxer was then put down five times in the last round of his match against a Japanese boxer the other day, yet somehow still managed to “earn” the decision from the judges. I’m sure it was just a coincidence. The decision was actually overturned after a popular outcry. I wonder if the Azerbaijanis can get a refund?

They should have had the queen really jump out of a helicopter.

Kayla Harrison became the first American to ever win a gold medal in judo. I looked around on four different TV channels that were broadcasting coverage during that day to see if they were playing her match. But they seemed too busy showing beach volleyball. Hey, I like watching girls in bikinis jump around as much as anyone but come on, show some “unpopular” sports for a change. And to add insult to injury, the beach volleyball players were wearing long pants! What is this, Saudi Arabia?

Am I alone is questioning why synchronized diving and trampoline gymnastics need to be in the Olympics?

The U.S. men’s basketball team displayed the true Olympic ideals in beating Nigeria by 83 points. I’m sure they could have won by a hundred but didn’t want to embarrass the Nigerians.

India has over a billion people but, the last time I checked, had only earned two medals. At least they still have that national spelling bee thing going for them.

The archery competition would be more interesting if they shot apples off each other’s heads.

The Olympics represent the worst aspects of modern commercialism and corrupt internationalism. They are a blight upon the sports landscape (unless we end up winning the medal count).


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