Breaking News: Pro MMA May Be Coming to New York and Sooner Than You Think (Like in the Month of May)

18 Feb

      From the “this just in” department: New York-based promoter Lou Neglia said he will be the first person to openly promote professional mixed martial arts in New York staging a show in May, probably in Manhattan.
      For those of you who don’t follow such things, you may not be fully aware of the long saga regarding MMA legalization in New York State. Where virtually every other state now has legal MMA, the sport was made illegal in New York 15 years ago and is still, theoretically, banned there. Zuffa, parent company of the UFC, filed a lawsuit in federal court in 2011 to force the state to allow MMA. Several months ago, representatives of the state attorney general’s office admitted in court that while professional MMA was illegal, the state athletic commission had no jurisdiction over amateur MMA. This led to a spate of amateur shows being held in New York recently.
      The Elite Cage Challenge held an amateur show in November in Yonkers, NY just a mile from the New York City limits. Then in January, Aggressive Combat Sports, a major promoter of amateur kickboxing and sport jiu-jitsu events in the region, held the first legal, amateur MMA event in New York City in more than a decade. Finally, this past weekend, the MMA World Expo, a trade show for the MMA industry, held public amateur matches at the Javits Convention Center in the heart of Manhattan.
      This comes on the heels of last week’s stunning about face by the NY attorney general’s office. Fellow MMA journalist Jim Genia reported that during court proceedings involving the UFC lawsuit a lawyer from the attorney general’s office admitted professional MMA might be legal in NY if it was sanctioned by an approved third party organization. The state athletic commission apparently has a list of 12 approved martial arts sanctioning bodies which oversee various sports from judo to taekwondo to kickboxing. Though the list is obscure and out of date with some of the organizations no longer existing and others having their names written into the law incorrectly, at least one, the World Karate Association (now called the World Kickboxing Association) does still exist and has sanctioned MMA in the past. The UFC lawyers said they’d be willing to drop their lawsuit and accept this end run around the current law. The judge ordered the two parties into mediation on March 8 to decide if a deal can be worked out under these guidelines. While the state might still back out of this deal, it seems they have opened the door for promoters to test the legality of promoting professional MMA in New York.
      And that is just what promoters are going to do.
      Neglia, a popular local promoter who has held professional kickboxing matches in New York for years and pro MMA in New Jersey, now says he is determined to be the first one to promote professional MMA in his home state of New York.
      “It’s ridiculous I have to take my business across the river to New Jersey and can’t promote in my home state. I am now going to promote professional MMA in New York in May,” said Neglia, who added he will work with the WKA for sanctioning approval. “I am not defying the law, I am just following the law as it is written. If they want to shut me down, let them see if they can interpret the law any other way than as it is written but I am going ahead and promoting these matches.”
      Stay tuned.


One Response to “Breaking News: Pro MMA May Be Coming to New York and Sooner Than You Think (Like in the Month of May)”

  1. Alejandro Prieto February 25, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

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