New Links

16 Apr

Added a few more links down at the lower right of the screen that some may find good resources for various aspects of the martial arts:

For general martial arts information, you can go to the website of the magazine I regularly write for, Black Belt.

For those interested in kickboxing/muay Thai, check out the website for Muay Thaimes Magazine (have to love their motto “Standup’s most sublime savagery”)

For the latest information on mixed martial arts, my colleague Jim Genia has taken over as editor at

Those with a more traditional bent might want to check out Meik and Diane Skoss’s, probably the internet’s best resource for information on classical Japanese martial arts.

Meanwhile, people seeking information on traditional western arts, specifically classical sword techniques, should take a look at the Martinez Academy of Arms website.

Anyone interested in Filipino martial arts, specifically the pekiti tirsia system, might want to visit Bill McGrath’s

For general information on practical self-defense strategies, visit Marc MacYoung’s No Nonsense Self Defense.

And for some fascinating and unique information on all manner of martial arts, check out Stickgrappler’s Sojourn of Septillion Steps.


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