American Shaolin

5 Dec

      So my friend and fellow author, Matthew Polly, sent out the below (greedy) appeal for people to buy more copies of his book, American Shaolin, (which was already basically a best seller) so he could collect a bonus from the publisher for selling 100,000 copies. Polly’s not content to sell 99,000 books, he has to corner the whole market so none of the rest of us can sell a damn thing! But you should still help the selfish bastard out and grab a copy. Maybe then he’ll have enough money to at least treat me to lunch.
      In all seriousness, American Shaolin is one of the best accounts I’ve ever read of someone’s personal journey through the martial arts world. It’s funny, informative and insightful all at the same time. So I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t read it yet pick up one of the signed copies he’s offering (after buying my books of course, which are all much better).
      Here’s his message:

Dear Friends,
      Thanks to your wonderful support American Shaolin has nearly reached the 100,000 mark. After several years of chugging away, it’s just 624 copies short. It’s very rare that a book ever earns out its original advance, and my publisher owes me a bonus if it does. So… to help nudge this little engine over the last hump (and jump on the Cyber Monday mass email bandwagon), I’m offering signed copies of American Shaolin for $15, including shipping, for the first 50 responders. It’s the perfect holiday gift for that special relative you only vaguely like.
      And feel free to tweet, Facebook, or, you know, forward this to your entire email list. After all, American Shaolin is only 39,900,624 copies behind The Da Vinci Code. (I’ll catch you, Dan Brown!)

Matthew Polly

Matt’s website is and he can be emailed at


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